Sealing in Photographs into A Tabletop

Epoxy Photography Table Top

Photographers are usually trying to capture the perfect shot. They do it to capture the moments that are most beautiful to them and they do it because they want to show others their idea of beauty. To the photographer, a photo is definitely able to say a thousand words, but what good is those words if they are the only one to see it? This means that photographers spend a lot of time trying to find ways to display their most favorite captures. For some, the most impressive deserve a special place and they are sealing in photographs into a tabletop to ensure that everyone sees them.

Capturing the Moments

For a photographer, it takes effort to find the perfect subject sometimes. It may take a while to capture the right moment, the right lighting, and the right mood. They may take many photographs of the same subject, just hoping to get the one that they deem perfect if it is a still shot. Action shots or those with people in the photo are harder to capture and therefore even more valuable to the photographer. A little girl captured looking innocent and playful, a woman with her hair blowing in the wind and sun shining on her face, or a playful puppy doing something that is truly adorable are all moments in time that may never be repeated. Those are the moments that are truly worth capturing and the ones that deserve to be displayed the most.

Displaying the Magical Shot

Apply The EpoxyThere are a lot of ways that you can go about displaying photographs. Blowing up the photograph to a larger size and putting it on the mantle is one easy way of displaying it. Framed artwork has always held a special place in the homes of most people. You can have a favorite photo copied onto a mug, a shirt, a towel, or any number of other things, but to some photographers, these ideas are too simple. They want unique displays and one of these ways includes using epoxy to seal the photographs into pieces of furniture. Imagine seeing a photo of your grandkids sealed into the coffee table for all time because you took the time to apply clear epoxy resin. With resin, the photo will never fade away and lose its beauty. It will simply be a memory that you can always hold onto.

How to Seal in a Photograph

Penny Table Top EpoxyWhether you are sealing your photo into a coffee table, end table, or bar top, it is easily done if you know the tricks to it. Just know that you will need a table top that is raised around the edges, at least with something temporary, and the epoxy. You will mix the resin and the hardener together, pour a light coat over the photograph and table top, wait for it to dry, and then add more layers to reach the desired thickness. Your photo should not cause bubbles to form and when it is completely dry, you will have a photo that will never get misplaced in a box or forgotten about. This makes it an ideal treasure for anyone.