Metal Make Up of a Camera

digital camera inside

Nearly everyone has a digital camera in today’s world and before that most all of us used 110 and 35mm cameras. As technology improves, we all tend to want to upgrade what we have. The newer cameras are more convenient because they show you the captured photos immediately and they are always going to take better photographs or videos than the older style cameras. This is because of the metal make up of a camera and the metal inside of it is also a good reason for you to consider recycling your devices when you upgrade to a newer model.

The Quality You Love

Your digital camera and camcorders have circuit boards inside of them. It is what allows them to remember settings and take photos that are high quality. It is the same thing with older style cameras, your cell phones, and every other electronic item you have ever heard of. These circuit boards often contain precious metals including gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. Lead is also included in the mix since it is used in soldering the circuit boards and other components within the device.

The Internal Design of Cameras

At one time, cameras may have been made with an all metal casing around the lens and other working parts. Those days are gone because most people want them to be as lightweight as possible. However, there are a few that are made of magnesium alloy skin panels over a plastic chassis. They are promoted as “all metal” and some say that they are higher quality than other cameras. Most cameras, except for the high-end ones, have metal working inside along with plastic or glass for the viewer. Higher quality ones may have metals in this area as well. To discover which parts your camera may have inside, you may need to look a little deeper into how it was manufactured since all camera brands are different and professional cameras are going to contain more metal than budget friendly consumer types of cameras.

Out with the Old and In with the New

Vintage CameraWhen you are upgrading devices, do you ever end up simply letting your old device sit in a closet until you throw it away? If so, you should know that there are things you can do with it. Donating your camera to a school or giving it to a friend is a great recycling option. Your older devices may still be an upgrade for them. Some device manufacturers and retail stores also offer you the option to trade it in, regardless of its condition because they will be able to reuse some of the internal parts or sell it to someone else. If you are in a pinch and you have a lot of devices around your home that no one uses any more, you may even choose to find out about the brass scrap price and recycle it in that way. The thing to remember is that less does not equal more. If you have a single digital camera, you will not make much off selling what metals are in it. If it works, you are better off recycling it in other ways.