How To: Photos of Home

Taking photographs is a challenge sometimes. Pairing your talent with a right time or place can be difficult. You may see the beauty of something that you want to photograph, but when you snap that picture the lighting may be wrong; especially if you are depending on natural lighting. One example of this challenge is trying to take unique home pictures, both indoors and out. Have you ever attempted to take photos of home that are “share worthy”?

Outdoor Photos of Home

Exterior PhotosNot many of us want to take a photo of a boring home unless there are unique characteristics about it. For instance, an old shack that is kind of falling down may not strike us as picture perfect when we first look at it, but in the right lighting or the right time of the year with fall colors or bold green leaves all around it; it may take on an appeal all its own. Odd homes are also photo-worth. There are a lot of interesting builds that catch attention. Homes with odd angles that you can capture in a photograph with the right shadows and such will make unique photos. You may find unique homes in all areas and they may be made to look like a shell at a beach location or a basic A-Framed home in the country. There are older homes that may have rounded areas or newer, modern homes with sharp corners. There are no rules to what you can take a picture of. You simply have to look around for the best angles.

Interior Accessories

Interrior PhotosVirtually anything inside the home can become a masterpiece photograph. You can photograph a basic chair and as long as the lighting and shadows are perfect, the photo will be as well. The same is true for plants or flowers, a vase, a table setting, or all other single piece items. The thing is, you may want to consider choosing a single, solitary item and then putting a blur filter on so that the background or things around it will be fuzzy. This can make the item look as though it is special and set apart from all other items around it.

If you want something that is truly unique, you may also consider taking pictures of epoxy floors along with another item. The epoxy floor will shine brightly if you have a bright light aimed at it. It may also cause the other item to reflect on the floor. You may capture the bright lights reflection as well. Can you imagine a photo with an epoxy floor and an antique table? Or simply an epoxy floor that has been colored to give it a special look all its own? Either idea could work and the photos you create can become amazing to see.BackgroundOptions

Think Creatively

Your creativity can bring anything to life. You simply have to take a look at your home or a friend’s and view it through your camera lens to see what areas hold the most appeal. You can do the same thing when driving down the road and even those unplanned subjects can become magical in a photograph.