Flashreflector-300x300Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed the flash of light that your camera can provide, but not as much as your camera gives you? It can cause you to either do a lot of editing to get the color right or you end up with a photograph that is too dark to be considered, “a good picture”. Instead of fighting with it, why not learn how to lessen the flash brightness of your camera?

Tape It Up

You can lessen flash by dimming it a little. A piece of tape that is not clear will work wonders. It will let the flash through, but it will dull it enough to perhaps make it where the person or subject within the photo does not get blotched out. If the tape does not provide you with the desired effect, you can try out other things to hold over the flash to see if you can get the right “lighting”.

Change Your Flash

Some camera’s offer flash settings that can be adjusted and if you find yourself constantly whiting out the faces of your friends, you should think about trying to see if you can adjust your camera. The way a camera, and the flash, works when set to auto mode is simple. Your camera will send more light into areas that need it and less into places that do not. Therefore, when you have someone close to you the camera may mistake them for “darkness” and send out more light to compensate for it.


This is where taking a step back can sometimes be helpful. The more space between you and your target, the more light your camera will be able to find, and it will automatically adjust the flash brightness. However, you are going to be giving up your close up if you do not adjust the flash brightness manually.

Redirect the Flash of Light

FlashReflect-300x300If you are in a semi dark room you can often have a great picture by simply having more light added to the room. You can do this by redirecting the light that your camera produces to another area near your target, but not on them. This technique does take some practice. If you are using a bright white piece of paper to redirect the light, you have to find a happy medium on where to position it so that it does not show up in the photo, but still sends the light out around the room.

Creative Editing

Even the most basic photo editors have the ability to lessen exposure on washed out photographs, as long as it is not faded out completely. This means that if you take a photo of a friend or a selfie where it is not possible for you to step further away from the target, you can fix it. You will simply have to use your favorite photo editing software and tweak the exposure and lighting on it so that you will still come out with a pretty nice photograph.