LifeCompanionAdmit it. Half the fun of taking photos with your smart phone is having the option to share it quickly, without waiting on turning your home computer on. Shouldn’t your phone be able to edit these same photos to help you upload only the photos you want, the way you want for it to look? A phone that can lessen blur, tweak color, and simply look amazing without ever needing to be put on your computer first? Android users have found a variety of tools that help them do just that and here is a list of what they have discovered and the best photo editor for Android.

G+ Photos

GooglePlusBy default, this is on a majority of the newer google android phones and it is designed to make sharing your photos with all your favorite social media websites a breeze. It is based on Google+, but allows you to touch a separate icon and start editing quickly. It has filters, frames, and even an auto editor that stands well above other auto editing programs. If you use Google+ already, you will gain the extra ability to receive a gift from Google that is called, “Auto Awesome”, which will give you a glimpse of what backup thinks about the photo you take.


This is a photo editor that is gaining popularity rapidly. One of the cool things about it is that with a single tap you can adjust the image’s features and lighting, but you still have the option to select adjust “problem areas”. It also offers a variety of frames, textures, and tone adjustments to give you further creativity within your pictures. It is Google+ friendly and free to use. The only downside for many is that it does not edit the photos you have on Dropbox, unless you download them to your phone’s photo gallery.



With this photo editor you can edit photos much the same as you would on your computer. It has blur tools, color pop, filters, effects, and more. With each filter you will find that it has more options than other photo editing tools. You can create collages. It works well for creating photos that you want to share on social media websites, but it can also do much more than anyone ever dreamed a phone’s editor would be able to do. The closest thing to it on the computer at home would be SketchBook.



AviaryIf you are not worried about having to pay for an app that works miracles on photos, you should give Aviary a chance to impress you. It has the ability to fix photos with a single tap of the button, but it also has dials for you to tweak if it still is not showing up the way you want it. There are tons of frames you can add, color filters for you to choose from, and much more. It is all very easy to use and fun to play around with.

The best photo editor for androids, should be easy to use. They should be useful and never take up too much space on your smart phone. There are a lot of great apps out there, but these are the ones that seem to come up more often than others. From here, you will have to simply try them out to see which works best for you.