Film-300x191Remember the days of old when you had your old, trustworthy, 35mm camera and sometimes you would accidently, somehow, end up with a photo that had a double exposure? Some people hated the idea of a double exposure happening, others thought it added to their photographs. Either way, there was no denying that it could create some really cool photos. However, with the end of 35mm, double exposures also went extinct. That is, until now. Now, there is a way to get the double exposed photograph. Read on if you would like to know how to add double exposure to your photo-shopped photos.

The Photo-Shopped Way

With Photoshop it can take as little as 10 minutes to create a beautiful, double exposed, piece of art, especially after you practice a little. The first step is to choose the photo you want to work on and then click on either the new fill or adjustment icon and choose the solid color option. The solid color you should use is white. You will then want to lock the background layer and drag it over the white filled layer. Then you should cut the main area of your original photo using the refine edges tool. This may be the hardest part of your task, but it can be done effectively. When done, name it, “Bottom Image” and convert it to black and white. The darker areas will be the ones that show through, therefore you may want to manually adjust your settings to help more areas become darker.


Now, it is time to open up your second image. You can adjust this image as you want to and it can be of anything that you feel would look good in your double exposure photo. When finished, hold down the shift key and place the new image into the first document. Resize it to match up by holding down the Cmd/Ctrl T and the Alt. This will allow you to drag the corner points easily. Rename it as the top layer and convert it to black and white as well.

You are almost finished now. You simply select the top image and use either the lighten, screen, lighter color, or linear dodge blending modes to achieve the desired effect. Then move the top image until you can see both images the way you want to. From here, you can add color back to the photo or adjust it in any other way that you see fit.

Other Options

BlendpicThere are other options if you feel that photoshop is too complicated. BlendPic is an app that is available through android that can combine two photos into one. It is relatively easy to use and a lot of people love the effects it creates.

You also have the option to learn how to shoot an in-camera double exposed photo, even with a digital SLR camera. The thing is, this is often a more complicated process and you do need the SLR rather than a point and shoot camera.

No matter which method you use to create a double exposure, the results, after you take time to practice a little, will be amazing. You will be very happy that you took the time to learn how to add double exposure to your photos.