Photography Items That Make the Difference

WorkdingDadEach year, there are more and more dads who choose to stay home with the kids while their wife or girlfriends go off to work. Perhaps it is because women are making just as much as the men in their lives or simply due to the fact that men are choosing to work from home. Either way, because of this simple fact, dads are spending more time carrying around their children and even taking photographs of the things that their child does throughout the day. It is a great way to keep moms who work away from home updated on how their child is doing throughout the day. The problem is, for those dads who still must work and run errands, it is not always easy to find the balance. If you are a dad who works and plays at home with the kids, perhaps you should discover a few photography items that make the difference between a good photo and a bad one.

The Busy Dad’s Day

Whether you are a full time daddy or a man who works from the home, you still have a full day, each day. There are dishes to be dealt with, breakfasts and lunches to be served, cleaning and laundry to deal with, and of course, children to watch over as well as errands that you most likely run. The role of full time dad does not leave room for stopping to wait on photographs that you can send your child’s mom. That is why many dads who stay home choose to take photos while they are on the go. Cellphones do make it easier, but there are other things that can also help to make mom feel as though she is still a part of your child’s day.

The Tools You Need

DadBabyCarrierOne of the best things ever invented for the busy dad is a baby carrier that is designed specifically for them. A baby carrier for dad is slightly larger than others or it is a completely adjustable carrier that you can hand off to mom on her day off from work. This carrier allows you to hold a fussy infant or keep hold of a toddler who wants to run away, while keeping your hands completely free to do the things that you need to do on a daily basis. This means that you can continue the active lifestyle that you are used to and still play Mr. Mom successfully.

All you need is a plus size baby carrier that can hold your growing child. From there, you can handle laundry, house cleaning chores, errands, and still have a free hand available to send your child’s mom a picture message to tell her to hurry home before she misses out on all the fun. It will ensure that your wife continues to feel as though she is a part of your baby’s life and you will be able to share with her all of the fun that you have while at home with your child. What more could you ask for from photography items that make the difference?


Redeye-180x300Most people have had at least one photo ruined by the dreaded, “red eye” and most have had it happen more often than they want to think about. It is frustrating and means that you have to edit photos to remove the red eye, but it does not always mean that it looks normal. If you are wondering how to eliminate red eyes when taking pictures, perhaps experimenting with these tips will make things easier. Continue reading “HOW TO ELIMINATE RED EYES WHEN TAKING PICTURES”


FireworkHave you ever tried to photograph a firework show and have your fireworks come out more like squiggly lines that although interesting, are far from what they should be? Each year as the 4th of July fireworks come near, people start wishing that they were able to capture those beautiful bursts of light effectively. However, there are a variety of other times, all over the world that fireworks are launched and some people may try to capture them on their camera, but most people have given up their dream of it. Those who still try, want to know more about how to photograph fireworks and here are a few basics to help you finally achieve your goal. Continue reading “HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH FIREWORKS”


LifeCompanionAdmit it. Half the fun of taking photos with your smart phone is having the option to share it quickly, without waiting on turning your home computer on. Shouldn’t your phone be able to edit these same photos to help you upload only the photos you want, the way you want for it to look? A phone that can lessen blur, tweak color, and simply look amazing without ever needing to be put on your computer first? Android users have found a variety of tools that help them do just that and here is a list of what they have discovered and the best photo editor for Android. Continue reading “BEST PHOTO EDITOR FOR ANDROID”


Flashreflector-300x300Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed the flash of light that your camera can provide, but not as much as your camera gives you? It can cause you to either do a lot of editing to get the color right or you end up with a photograph that is too dark to be considered, “a good picture”. Instead of fighting with it, why not learn how to lessen the flash brightness of your camera? Continue reading “HOW TO LESSEN THE FLASH BRIGHTNESS OF YOUR CAMERA”


Film-300x191Remember the days of old when you had your old, trustworthy, 35mm camera and sometimes you would accidently, somehow, end up with a photo that had a double exposure? Some people hated the idea of a double exposure happening, others thought it added to their photographs. Either way, there was no denying that it could create some really cool photos. However, with the end of 35mm, double exposures also went extinct. That is, until now. Now, there is a way to get the double exposed photograph. Read on if you would like to know how to add double exposure to your photo-shopped photos. Continue reading “ADD DOUBLE EXPOSURE TO YOUR PHOTO-SHOPPED PHOTOS”


Well, I haven’t really done a good job in keeping up with this blog, other than posting some pictures from time to time.  This time, however, I’m not going to post any shots.  I’ve been kind of meaning to speak my mind about a few things, and if anyone actually reads this, get some feedback.

First, I LOVE THE iPHONE!!!  I’m an Apple person through and through, and when they announced that the 3gs was coming out, and the 3g was reduced to $99, well I just had to take advantage of that.  I know that there were some features in the 3gs that were really tempting, but figured I could outfit the iPhone with accessories and apps for what I could get for just the 3gs.  So after a month or two of playing around with it, I’ve come to realize that it’s an incredible platform for photography in addition to being a telephone/ipod/smartphone/etc…  I’ve been really impressed with the 3MP camera, and with some of the apps (and without), have shocked by the pictures I’ve taken.  It’s allowed me to capture things that I wouldn’t normally capture and shoot on the fly when I’m not carrying my 20D.  Ok, I lied, I am going to post some shots.  Here are a few I’ve taken with my iPhone:

So it’s been a lot of fun using the iPhone to supplement my photography and 20D.

I’ve been feeling for a while that I’m in a rut.  The iPhone has helped a bit because I can capture things on the fly, but overall, my photography feels stagnant.  For a long stretch, I did not take many shots at all, and even my total for the year is much less than the 3 or 4k I took just last year.  I’m finding I’m shooting the same things, going to the same places, becoming frustrated, etc…  However, I have been experimenting with processing techniques using both Aperture and Lightroom (yes I have both), and that has been productive.  I’m just not where I want to be.  Within the last two years, I think I’ve begun to develop my creative eye, and see things around me in a different perspective.  Now I’d like to turn that into making some $$, getting myself out there as a professional (not that I consider myself a professional or anywhere near one right now), and being able to upgrade my gear.

To this point, I’ve basically just walked around and shot what I found interesting.  There have been a few instances where i’ve had a theme or a goal (see my Essex County Hospital set on flickr), but otherwise, I just walk and shoot.  I’d like to be able to develop projects to work on.  I have one in mind right now, but I have to wait a while for that to come to fruition.  It’s here where I lack creativity and direction.  I’m tired of shooting Manhattan, quite frankly.  Today I walked 12 miles and shot 242 exposures.  Sure they are different than my previous photoshoots, but still, I need to do something different, something grander.  One thing that will help is when my replacement hotshoe (oh yeah, I broke mine :(  ) arrives I will have my flash back.  I’m still intimidated by shooting people, and it’s one area where I need TONS of practice and improvement, but I’d like to at least be able to shoot engagements or senior photo’s for people.  Weddings scare the shit out of me, because it’s a one shot deal (no pun intended).  Perhaps someday.  I wouldn’t mind being a secondary photographer on a wedding though ;) .

Anyways, now that I’ve vented in my longest post, and really first true blog post ever, I’m about to crash.  12 miles of walking in the heat is draining, though I’m sure it’ll help me get back into shape.  Thanks for reading this, if anyone actually did.



I’ve decided to have this site dedicated solely to the “business” end of my photography, while blogging on tumblr for everyday fun stuff, photography or otherwise. I will continue to update here, but it will be more about my business, when i get that up and running!